Sunday, April 6, 2014

Very Important Possibly Blog will be closed!!!

Hi all, as you can see my videos are uploaded very slow in the past weeks. This is due to not available good sources to download and make the highlights. All the uploaders of the full games choose to change their host from uploaded and rapidgator to and now its almost impossible for me to download with 30kb/s I will download the match more then 24 hours. The only way is to register in and pay good amount of money which right now I cannot afford. The other way ( maybe the best one ) is to register to the best site for HD matches with Ray Hudson commentary - . For 10 dollars per month I will be able to upload Full HD highlights with Ray Hudson all the time and with very good speed. I can arrange for 60-70$ a year registration in this site. So if you guys want to help and keep this site and my work running ... you must help here. The best way is if someone want to pay for the the registration and give me the account all will be great for us Barca fans. If we pay for one month we should pay in every other month so I think the best way is to pay for the whole year. I will post the DONATE button in the end of the post. Everyone can donate and save this site. When we raise to 70$ the next year will be ours!!! If we cannot raise this and register I will be forced to close the blog and all my associated accounts. All the help will be much appreciated. Also if we manage to do this I will upgrade this to website not blog and start to post more HD Barca content! 

Best Regards, FCBHDWorld a.k.a FCBHighDef


  1. I tried to donate $20 but I am having trouble and keep receiving the same message: your credit or debit card has been declined for this transaction; PayPal could not validate the card.

    Have you tried using Venmo or Square Cash for donations?

  2. Hm, very strange, here is some info, my friend:

    his message is typically caused by a few things: the billing address/expiration date/security code on form doesn't match the card, or, the card simply couldn't support the temporary verification charge ($1.00). I would recommend checking the information on the form and trying again.

    If all the information on the form is correct, it may be denied because it is a recently activated card or if you have recently moved. The card issuer will need some time to update their systems before an attempt to add the card may work successfully. If that is the case, I recommend giving it at least a day or two before trying again.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Are you located outside the US? I am using Chase Visa for the transaction and they are strict about accepting international transactions. My card is working fine for in person transactions (I just used it an hour ago) so the billing address/expiration date/security code are all current.

  4. Yes I am way outside USA in Bulgaria... if I was in USA 100$ would not be a problem.